Stop Motion Video Challenge

Hello Challengers!

This week’s challenge is to make a stop motion animation! What is stop motion, you say? Stop motion animation is when you animate an object by moving it very subtly between photographs and play it back like a flip book. We use LEGOs in our video (although you can use anything). Watch our challenge video below to see what we mean.

Don’t know where to begin? Here is a great tutorial to get you started.

As always, click the badge image below to complete the challenge:

Our favorite entry will win an Advanced Reader’s Copy of A Short History of the Girl Next Door by Jared Reck out in September 2017. Get your hands on this book before it’s even published! Winner notified August 14th.

This is our last video challenge! Thanks for trying something new with us this summer. We hoped you enjoyed watching our videos and making your own. We sure loved watching them!

Featured Event:

Back to Hogwarts Bash @ South Hill Library

September 1, 6:30pm-9pm

A celebration of 20 years of Harry Potter where you can get sorted, attend classes, and eat at the start of term feast. Registration required.


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  1. Profile photo of DaisyFlower4 DaisyFlower4 says:

    I love making stop motion videos, but i didn’t know about this until today!

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  2. Profile photo of teen1 teen1 says:

    I’m going to the Hogwart’s Bash

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