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    There once was a wolf who's name was Big Brad,
    But he was so scary that folks called him Big Bad.
    Big Brad wasn't skinny and went on a diet;
    He couldn't have any food if you could deep fry it.

    He couldn't have ice cream, and no onion rings,
    Nor doughnuts sugary, or such tasty things,
    But worst of all, the biggest defeat
    Was Big Brad the Wolf couldn't eat any meat!

    So he went to a nearby restaurant,
    He went there ever so nonchalant,
    To see if they had any food
    With which Big Brad could lighten his mood

    But one thing you must know of Big Brad;
    Something that happened, something very bad.
    Sure, Big Brad wasn't all too old,
    But he had come down with a terrible cold!

    His throat was sore, and his vision blurred;
    His eyes were dizzy and words were slurred.
    His head, it throbbed with a blazing fury,
    And his stomach was being incredibly surly.

    He went to the door of the restaurant,
    Standing there ever so nonchalant,
    But because Big Brad's throat was sore,
    It sounded to the owner like a big, scary roar.

    His sickness had made Big Brad unhappy.
    In fact, it had made him rather snappy.
    "Little pig, little pig, let me in!"
    And then he coughed with a growling din.

    "Oh no, oh no, Mr. Big Bad Wolf!"
    Said the pig, terrified of being engulfed.
    "No, I will never let you in!
    Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin!"

    Now something happened that was very bad.
    Something that made him hopping mad.
    He had meant to say something of this mood;
    "Then I'll heave off and push off and find different food!"

    But a tickle in his muzzle got in the way,
    And he didn't say what he meant to say.
    "Then I'll heuff…and I'll puhuff…and fi—ah—ACHOO!"
    And with his volcanic sneeze, away the house flew.

    He saw another restaurant,
    And went there not quite so nonchalant,
    And rasped the words out once again,
    "Little pig, little pig, let me in!"

    Now this little pig, who was a stout little fellow,
    Said without a belly of yellow,
    "I'm sorry, Big Bad, but you'll never win.
    Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin!"

    Big Brad then tried to say,
    "Then I'll heave off and push off and come back no day!"
    But what came out, he'd always rue.
    "Then I'll heuff…and I'll puhuff…and come bah—AAACHOOOO!"

    With a wind strong enough to break tree branches,
    With power to drive the rain that drenches,
    Big Brad let loose a bigger sneeze,
    And the house fell down like autumn leaves.

    There was one more diner, and he felt gaunt.
    He eng there, no longer nonchalant.
    "Little pig, little pig, just let me in!"
    He said with a whine and pathetic grin.

    Now this little pig was very nice,
    And was even kind to the feild mice.
    So he said with a smile and open arms,
    "Come in, and eat food fresh from my farm!"

    But as Big Brad sat down at a table,
    He knew something else would come of this fable.
    And as through the menu he started thumbing,
    He knew a great big whopper was coming.

    Though he tried, he couldn't stop the explosion.
    He knew today he'd suffer food depletion.
    And from the strength of the tickling feeling,
    He also knew his head would be reeling.

    A colossal jolt came with the sneeze,
    And it produced no small breeze.
    The greatest, loudest, most destructive fold
    That ever accompanied the common cold.

    What do I mean by a fold, you ask?
    The folding in of the roof of a diner.
    But before the final fall,
    Chaos had consumed all.

    As every waiter dropped their trays,
    And every dog let out great bays,
    The loudest sneeze to beat ALL sounds,
    Brought the strongest house to the ground.

    The moral of this story is, kids young and old;
    Never eat out when you have the common cold!

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    The Dragon Codices by R. D. Henham.

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    Jesus Christ. Nobody can know enough about Him. And the way I share about Him is go out and do things for people in the real world: hold the door open for them, encourage them with kind words, go out of my way to help them. That's the best way I have of sharing Jesus with those around me.

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    Our church is actually creating a free obstacle course for all the neighborhood kids. I would love to do something like that but add some fair-type attractions, like horse rides, popcorn, or a petting zoo.

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    OH goodness, I loved that movie!! There's too much good stuff to talk about; all I can say is, if you haven't seen it already, WATCH IT! 😀

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    I'm not sure emojis are really their own language, but rather tools to help us portray emotion through a world without vocal tone, AKA the internet. It is possible to have a conversation with only emojis, but that's pretty difficult.

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    (Some of these will be figurative: I haven't met someone who can taste freedom)
    A better world tastes like freedom
    A better world feels like home
    A better world looks like helping one another
    A better world smells like spice and joyous mystery
    A better world sounds like spoken encouragement and life

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    I don't have a favorite Star Wars movie. They're all good in their own way.

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    'You got: "Northern Lights"
    You're mysterious and a little dark. People are always trying to figure out what you're thinking.'

    …That's the part of me I don't usually show…but YES, that painting is a perfect painting and a good reflection of me o.o thumbs-up to the quiz creator

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    Just finished reading The Mark of Athena. One of the 10, maybe even 5 best books I have EVER read!!

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    A lazy day slowly drifts by–
    Oh, hello, little butterfly!
    Please, o please tell me where I
    Can touch the starry sky?
    I have searched from dawn to night
    I have wandered near and far
    I have even taken flight
    But never have I touched a star
    So please, o please
    Sweet butterfly
    Show me how
    To touch the sky!

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    I’m very behind on my poem-writing, sorry, but I’ve been busy. Now I’m tired. Hopefully I can get back to it soon!

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    How could things get any worse? Cessali had been up and down that market street eight times already, and no sign of Collin, even though he'd said traffic was light and he'd be there early. Then the rain had started. THEN she had lost her purse to some bottom-feeder thief. THEN–
    "FRESH FISH," yelled the nearest merchant. Ugh, so annoying. What had she been thinking about? Oh, yes! Then that miserable–
    "Excuse me, miss."
    Cess looked up. Collin, flaunting his debonair smile and an extended umbrella, which he held over her head, stood beside her.
    "Took you long enough," she said with a shiver, grateful for the absence of rain.
    "Had to make a side-stop," he said apologetically, holding up a small bag.
    "My purse!" Cessali exclaimed delightedly, snatching it and rifling through to make sure everything was where it should be. "How did you find it??"
    "Saw the scoundrel running away with it. All it took was a holler, and he dropped it quick as anything."
    "Thank you SOOOOO much!" she squealed, hugging him, with one arm. "But wait…what's this box here?" She pulled it out of the bag and saw that it was a small jewelry box. But she never carried jewelry.
    She glanced at Collin to find that he was on one knee. Her heart leapt into her throat with joy.
    "I know this isn't the most romantic setting," laughed Collin, "but I simply couldn't wait. I have a question." Rain streamed down his face because he still held the umbrella up for Cess, and the drops now slanted down to splash at his skin, plastering his hair to his scalp. His eyes shone. Cessali realized perhaps for the first time how much she loved him.
    "Collin," she breathed, not even noticing that her smile was so wide her facial muscles trembled with the effort of keeping it there. Her vision blurred with happy tears.
    Collin gazed into her eyes and said, voice choking with hope, "Cessali, my darling, will you marry me?"
    "FRESH FISH, STRAIGHT FROM THE–" The fish merchant's vocal bombardment cut off suddenly as a car drove past, splashed up a puddle, and sprayed him from head to toe, as well as the salmon meat in his hand.
    And that was how they knew that the time was right.

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    SanetraTheDragon posted an update 1 month ago

    A double haiku to celebrate my time at camp, and finally coming home:

    I stumble inside
    With a suitcase and a yawn
    To my messy room

    Last week was so fun
    We laughed, played, all day each day
    But nothing beats home

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    Instead of a poem, I have a rewrite of Help by The Beatles. This is not my personal sentiment, but I had fun writing it! I didn’t write out the entire song with all its repetitions, just the intro, verses, and chorus once each:

    Kelp! I need some seaweed
    Kelp! Not just any seaweed
    Kelp! You know I need some now

    When I was younger and much lighter than today
    I never needed to eat any kelp in any way
    But now these days my diet’s been so insecure
    Goodness sakes, I’m overweight, from eating more and more

    Kelp with soybean foods, baked, stewed, and ground
    Low carb meals as long as my tummy is round
    I think I’m about to lick the ground
    Eatin’ kelp, kelp, please help!!

    My eating traits have changed in oh, so many ways
    I’ve said goodbye to potato chip brands like Lays
    To any foods like that I’ve had to close the door
    All this pain, junk food’s bane, has rocked me to the core!

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    Today’s poem, inspired by waiting for camp:

    I’m waiting for the moment
    When the adventure begins
    When the first step is taken
    When the journey starts
    When the adrenaline rushes
    When the laughter rings out
    When the friendships are built
    When the joy is let wild
    When I’m no longer waiting
    When I am inside the moment

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    Silver Dragon Codex by R. D. Henham!! That book is so good I've gotten it from the library 3 times already and am probably going to buy it soon! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that book!!

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