How It Works



Anyone can register and participate, but to earn prizes you’ll need to be a teen with a valid Pierce County Library Card.

Fill out the the registration form, pick a clever nickname, choose your local branch, and you’ll be ready to tackle your first challenge.


Choose Your First Challenge

The Teen Summer Challenge has a challenge for everyone! Browse through the Challenges Catalog, select a challenge category, and find a badge that looks and sounds interesting to you.



See What It Takes

Challenges come in every flavor, and reading through the challenge description will help you select the challenges you’re most interested in.

Pay close attention to what the challenge describes for you and what exactly you’ll need to do to claim your achievement once you’ve completed it.


Claim Your Achievement

Once you’ve completed a challenge, follow the redemption instructions for that challenge to obtain your achievement and points.

Some challenges will require you to find and enter a claim code for your achievement while others will be awarded by staff.

As you earn points you’ll work your way up the leaderboard and increase your chances of earning a prize!



Your Dashboard

Whenever you log in you’ll be taken straight to your dashboard. From here you can see how many points you’ve earned, see the latest news, post a book review, access your bookmarked challenges, and change your account settings.

That’s all there is to it, though exploring the challenges will certainly reveal much more!


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