By registering for Teen Summer Challenge, we expect you to:

1. Try new things! Be fearless in exploring new ideas, and discovering new skills!

2. Respect! Respect yourself, respect other players, and respect the process. Here are some ways you can show respect:

  • Participate in the community.
  • Be curious and respectful towards other people’s ideas, opinions, artwork, and projects.
  • Ask questions and give encouragement in the comments.
  • Submit thoughtful responses.
  • Don’t put other people down.
  • Don’t take short-cuts to complete activities.
  • Don’t cheat.

3. Invite your friends. Working together and playing with friends is not cheating! We think it’s more fun that way.

4. Submit your original work when we ask for it.

5. Let the Teen Librarians know if you have any questions or problems by clicking the “Feedback” button at the bottom of the screen. We are here for you!

Earn the activity How to Play: Read the Community Agreements