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And the Winner is….

And the Winner is….

As we stated on the Prizes and Rewards page there will be two participants selected to recieve an Apple iPad One Grand Prize Winner will be randomly selected from among the top 30 eligible challengers on the Leaderboard at the close of the ... Read More »

This concludes the Teen Summer Challenge

Thank you all for participating in the Teen Summer Challenge. Everyone has done great things this summer, and it was awesome getting to see your projects, creativity, and talent. We hope that you join us next year when we host the challenge... Read More »

Do you have over 500 points?

Thank you to everyone who has been participating in the Teen Summer Challenge. If you’ve earned at least 500 points, you now can pick up a coupon for up to $5 off your library fines. These one time use only coupons are available at yo... Read More »

Week 3 – Don’t forget to post

As the summer continues on the Order of the Octopus has been browsing the forums seeing all the things you’ve done. Strangely, there are more people who’ve earned some of these badges than have posted in the forums. Remember you... Read More »

Week 2 – Update

Welcome to the Second Week of the Teen Summer Challenge We are happy to see everything you are doing on the forums! What are your favorite activities? Are you sharing what you are doing with your friends? As you continue earning badges this... Read More »

Off to a Great Start!

Wow! It’s great to see everyone who is doing activities and earning their badges for the summer. Remember to earn a badge you need to follow the instructions described in the Challenge. All activities must be completed this summer. So... Read More »

Welcome Challengers!

Welcome Challengers!

Greetings Challengers, and welcome to the second year of the Pierce County Library System’s Teen Summer Challenge! Every year Pierce County Library unveils a new Summer Reading Program specially crafted for teens in our communities, a... Read More »