12000 Activities!

You did it!

12,000 activities FOR THE WIN!

You have unlocked new badges:

Thanks to all our Otaku players who suggested we create an anime badge! They have earned the Teen Librarian Award!





New badges will be unlocked when you complete 13,500 activities. Invite your friends and make the magic happen!

If Everyone Completes One Activity…

we will reach our goal!!

You have about 500 activities to go before we release new badges. That may seem like a lot, but we did the math! If each Teen Summer Challenge player completes one activity, just one, we will reach 12,000 in no time!

If you’re trying to figure out which activity to do next, give these a try:

Film a human skateboard using stop-motion animation.

Re-mix a music video.

Create a playlist for you and your friends to dance to.

Film a fake gag reel.

Build a cardboard arcade.

Create your own 2048.

Complete John Green’s Art Assignment.

View and identify distant galaxies. 

Build something to show off at Lakewood’s MakerFEST.

You are so close to unlocking new badges! 

Trust us, it will be worth the wait!


Badge Spotlight – Doctor Who

We’ve been releasing all kinds of fun badges, but let’s not forget the badges that kicked off the summer.

Whovians are taking over Teen Summer Challenge! 


We asked you to dress like your favorite character from Doctor Who, and these players submitted fantastic pictures!

These players submitted amazing gender swapped fan art!


These players have earned the Teen Librarian Award!


7000 Activities!


You have completed 7000 Teen Summer Challenge activities! Count ‘em… 1 2 3… 7000! Congratulations!

That means you have successfully unlocked new badges! Check them out:

Congratulations to the following players for suggesting badges related to games! They have earned the Teen Librarian Award!




The next wave of badges will be release when we reach 9000 activities! So play, and invite your friends to play!  

As Tim Gunn would say:

Make it work!


Badge Spotlight – Code an App

Throughout the summer, we will feature different badges and highlight the awesome projects you’ve made!

Let’s take a look at the Code an App Badge!

create-an-app-480The following players created really cool Scratch programs

@ctgale Play re-mixed ping-pong!


@legocjman Click on as many fruit as you can in 30 seconds! 




@fiire16 Play cat and mouse!


@madeline BOO!


The following player created their own app using MIT App Inventor:

@olympian1999 Shake your phone to read your fortune.

Click here to download the Magic 8 Ball app!


These players have earned the Teen Librarian Award!


300 Players!


We have 300 players on Teen Summer Challenge, and have unlocked new content!!

Check out these new badges:

Congratulations to these players for suggesting great ideas for writing and book review badges! They have earned the Teen Librarian Award!



The next wave of badges will be released when you complete 7000 activities!

You can do this! The more you play, the more there is TO play!



Half-Way There…

New badges will be released when we reach 300 players… 

and you are already half-way there!

So keep playing and invite your friends!

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Let’s DO this!