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This badge is your Teen Summer Challenge strategy guide, complete with gameplay rules, tips, and tricks.

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How to Play – Register and Log In:

To complete this activity, register for Teen Summer Challenge, and then log in to your account two times.


How to Play – I did it!:

Here are the basics:

Each badge is made up of multiple activities.
Complete an activity to earn points.
Complete all the activities in a badge to earn that badge.
Complete a badge to earn bonus points. Woot!

Read the description of the activity on the left, follow the directions on the right, and earn points! 

To complete this activity, click the “I did it!” button to let us know you understand how it works.


How to Play – Find a Book’s ISBN:

Some activities require that you find a book and enter its ISBN.

An ISBN is a unique 10- or 13-digit code assigned to every book, ever. Many books have two, a 10-digit version and a 13-digit version, and either one will work for Teen Summer Challenge.

You can find a book’s ISBN by searching the Pierce County Library catalog, using Amazon, or looking on the back of your book.

(Note that Amazon’s ASIN is not an ISBN, and neither is the number on a library book’s barcode sticker.)

To earn points, find the ISBN of the last book you read, and enter it on the right. 


How to Play – Submit and Share:

Other activities ask you to submit something: your artwork, a story, or proof of your general awesomeness. Some activities ask you to upload a file, type in text or a URL, or both. Just follow the directions!

Once you submit something, it will show up at the bottom of the page in the activity feed. That way, you can view other people’s submissions, and make comments.

Make sure to submit cool things, keep it clean, and keep it positive! Teen librarians will be reviewing your submissions and comments to make sure everything is on the up and up!

Let’s try it. In the box to the right, tell us something you like about yourself.


How to Play – Enter Codes:

Some activities ask you to find codes or answer questions.

For example, you might have noticed different activities have different point values. The more fun an activity and the more time it takes you, the more points it’s worth!

To complete this activity, tell us how many points this activity is worth.


How to Play – Win Prizes:

This year, completing activities enters you into a Grand Prize drawing for an iPad Mini. Whoa! Each activity you complete is one entry into a random drawing for the Grand Prize.

To make sure we’re all on the same page, tell us how many entries you get into the Grand Prize drawing if you complete 5 badges, 26 activities, and earn 311 points.


How to Play – Unlock New Badges:

This year, you can unlock new content throughout the summer by playing the game! Learn how to unlock new badges here.

To complete this activity, answer the following question: How many people have to sign up for Teen Summer Challenge in order to unlock the second wave of badges to play?


How to Play – Read the News:

How can you be the first to know when we unlock new badges? Read the news!

You will find a quick link to the latest announcements on your Dashboard, or go straight to the source by visiting the News page.

To earn points, read the first news update by clicking “Read the News!”


How to Play – Read the Community Agreements:

As part of the Teen Summer Challenge community, it’s important for us all to commit to creating a great experience for everyone.

To earn points, read the community agreements.


How To Play – Go to a Meet-Up:

Meet other Teen Summer Challenge players at your local Pierce County Library or community center.

Work on challenges together!

Show off your creations!

Stop in to check it out!

To earn points, visit the Teen Summer Challenge Meet-Ups page to see the schedule!


How to Play – Visit Your Dashboard:

Were you paying attention?

To earn points, tell us where you go on Teen Summer Challenge to view your profile, read your notifications, get news, view friend requests, and see how many badges you’ve earned.


How to Play – Update Your Avatar:

To complete this activity, visit your Dashboard, and change your avatar. Keep it clean, of course!


How to Play – Accept a Friend Request:

To complete this activity, visit your Dashboard to accept a friend request from another Teen Summer Challenge player.


How to Play – Make a Comment:

To earn points, comment on anyone’s post in the activity feed of any badge.

I know you know this – just remember to keep it clean and positive!


How to Play – Earn Your First Badge:

To complete this activity, earn your first badge!

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