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    One day Billy was seating on the porch of his Kansas home. He was reading his favorite suspense book, Idaho. He was reading for about an hour when the sky started to turn green and heavy clouds began to form. Billy didn't think a thing of it until a funnel started to come out of the sky. His parents had gone to town so he was all alone at the house.
    He made his way inside the house. Around the house branches started to get picked up and thrown around and around and around. A branch hit the window shattering glass in all directions. Billy was scared. He couldn't move he was so scared. He fell to the floor. More windows shattered. The tornado had touched the ground know and was headed for Billy's house. It hit his house with a roar. He quickly covered his head. The tornado picked Billy up and spun with out of control. He hit the grass with a thud. His house lay around him in pieces. He didn't know what to do. He started to get scared. He didn't know if his parents were okay or if they could get home. The winds quickly died down and it became sunny again. Then he walked towards the debris from his house. He recovered what he could. His parent later. Billy and his family lived happily from that day on. The end

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    Write a better world into being.
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    People that take photo of what they are having for lunch etc ( every single day ) and posts it on social media.
    That is really strange and I wonder why 🙂


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